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BERRYWOOD (Ochrosia elliptica)
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Berrywood Ochrosia elliptica

Ochrosia elliptica        (Red) Berrywood    FAMIL APOCYNACEAE


A small attractive tree to 4m tall, with glossy leaves and distinctive ribbed, deep red fruits present for much of the year. A common plant of the lowlands, especially sandy areas near the  coast. This species also found in Queensland and Pacific Islands. The genus of 23 species mainly in Pacific islands but Also Madagascar and Australia. Leaves in whorls of 3,  oblong‑elliptic, 10cm x 4.5cm; dark glossy top; white latex. Flowers (Nov‑Apr) white, long narrow floral tube to 18mm, in leaf axils. Fruit large red drupes 3cm long, ovoid, ribbed around the centre, usually paired.

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