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GREYBARK (Drypetes affinis)
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Drypetes deplanchei     ssp. affinis        Greybark        Family EUPHORBIACEAE

A handsome tall tree to 16m with light grey bark often mottled pink with lichen. One of the most common lowland trees, occasionally found to 500m. Very attractive when in fruit. This species is also found in north and east Australia although the subspecies is endemic. The genus of about 200 species is distributed mainly in the Old World tropics. Separate male and female trees.

Leaves alternate, elliptic 6cm x 3cm; the margins may be entire or slightly scalloped. Flowers (Sep‑Jan): male green, 6mm, 8 stamens; female globular 6mm, green. Fruit bright orange to yellow, globular 2cm, slightly elongate.


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