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BULLYBUSH (Cassinia tenuifolia)
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 Cassinia tenuifolia            Bully bush     Family ASTERACEAE


A compact bush to 2m high, with dense foliage of small linear leaves. An endemic plant common and widespread in the lowlands, on exposed areas and in paddocks; it is the major shrub recolonising disturbed areas on the Island. It is very hardy and one of the most useful plants for revegetation near the coast. The genus has 21 species distributed in Australia, New Zealand.


Leaves alternate, crowded, linear 25mm x 1mm; green on top, white, glabrous under; leaf apex hooked. Flowers (Jan‑Apr) cream; in terminal headlets of 5 or 6 flowers, 6mm long, strong sweet scent. Fruit a brown plumed dry fruit.

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