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SWAMP LILY (Crinum asiaticum )
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Swamp lily

Crinum asiaticum var pedunculatum   swamp lily    FAMILY AMARYLLIDACEAE


A tall perennial herb with a thick, fleshy, erect stem and long broad leaves; up to 2m tall. Found in many low areas close to the west coast, e.g. Salmon Beach and a large patch in the swamp at Old Gulch. The seeds are buoyant and apparently float well. The species is also found on the mainland coast from north Queensland to Central N.S.W., the genus has about 100 species in tropical and subtropical sea coasts of the world.

Leaves bright green, linear 80-150cm X 15cm, fleshy, radiating in a distinct tussock from the stem. Flowers (Oct-Jan) large white flowers with purple stamens, in clusters at the end of a flattened stalk to 60cm long. The fruit is round, with a point and contains 2 to 4 large seeds; each surrounded by a thin, pale grey, corky skin, which is impervious to water.

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