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HEATH (Leucopogon parviflorus)
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Leucopogon parviflorus     Heath         Family EPACRIDACEAE

An upright bush to 1.5m, with long branches and dense foliage; white flowers in winter. Locally common on the lowland flats and ridges and mountain ledges e.g. Mt Eliza, Cobby's Corner. This species also found in eastern Australia and New Zealand; from a genus of 150 species, mainly Australian with some species in New Zealand, western Pacific Islands, southeast Asia and Malaysia.

Leaves crowded on terminal branchlets, oblanceolate, 20mm x 5mm; stiff, striated beneath. Flowers (Jul‑Nov) white, 4mm, crowded in short spikes in axils of terminal leaves; white hairs on petals (Leucopogon means white beard). Fruit is a small drupe 3mm diameter, green then turning translucent yellow when ripe.

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