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BEACH PEA (Canavalia rosea )
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Canavalia rosea           Beach pea       FAMILY FABACEAE


A prostrate creeper with stems 2 to 3m long. Found on margins of beaches and higher e.g. on Lower Road. Distinguished from Vigna marina by the pink flower and much larger seed pod. The species is also found in tropics and subtropics, Australian seashores; the genus of about 50 species with members in America and S.E. Asia.

Leaves compound, trifoliate; leaflets obovate to orbicular 6cm x 5cm, thin texture. Flowers (most of year) pink pea flowers 15mm long, in axillary clusters of up to 20 flowers on long stalks. Fruit a broad legume 10cm long x 2cm wide, with a rib on each side.

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