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LITTLE PIED CORMORANT (Phalacrocorax melanoleucos)
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Little pied cormorant

Little pied cormorant 2

Vagrant. At least eight sets of records. One specimen May 1888; up to 11 were from November 1952 to January 1953, At least 40 March and April 1957, 1 November and December 1959;  Four birds seen April 1974; one was  seen April 1974. Twenty-two were seen May 1975. 1 November 1975 Four seen December 1975 and off Signal Point on 3 December 1975 (Rogers 1976). Seen several times in 1977, including a maximum of nine birds seen by P. Poulton in April 1977. February 1978. 1 in April 1978, 1 in August 1978, 1 in May 1985; One bird seen August 1985. One bird seen from November 2011 to about June 2012 by I Hutton and others from Mosely Park swamp to the dam at Old Srettlement paddock.

The spread of records of the Little Pied Cormorant indicates that small flocks occasionally reach the Lord Howe Island Group, and then stay for considerable periods.


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