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Phaethon lepturus

Vagrant. Seven records. One ‘obtained’ by D. Love in May 1890 (North 1898). One seen by Mrs E. Foster between the main Island and the Admiralties in March 1926 (Kinghorn 1928; record overlooked by Hindwood 1940). Seen by members of HBOC tour party in February 1978 (NSWBA data). One seen by Alan McBride on 26 May 1985 less than 100 km west of Lord Howe Island as approaching the Group by sea (A. McBride in litt. to E. Hoskin, K.A. Hindwood Bird Recording Service, ML). One seen by John Blyth on 19 April 1989 (J. Blyth pers. comm.). One seen by Alan Foster and John McLennan over the main settlement in February 1997 (Morris 2000). Presumably the same bird was also seen by Antoney Fabbrio in the same month (A. Fabbrio pers. comm.). Up to two birds seen by Bruce Ford, Tom Fletcher and John Carpenter at North Bay and Old Gulch from 26 February 2003 to 22 March 2003 (LHI Museum cards).

Nearly every year one or two sightings of this bird off Lord Howe Island.



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