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COMMON GREENSHANK (Tringa nebularia)
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Vagrant. 14 records. One seen by D. Morony, G. Setford and John McKean at Old Settlement Beach in November 1963 (McKean & Hindwood 1965). One seen by John Disney and Courtney Smithers on 18 November 1969 (Disney & Smithers 1972). At least two seen by Kevin Mills, Warren Sweeney and Jeff Hardy in November 1986 (Cooper 1990; Anon. 1987; NSWBA data). Seen by Barbara Howie in March 1987 (NSWBA data). Up to two seen by Hutton and Glenn Holmes at Moseley Park Swamp from 24 December 1988 to 11 March 1989 and also occasionally at Old Settlement Beach and North Bay in the same period (Hutton pers. obs.; G. Holmes in litt.). One seen by Hutton at Moseley Park Swamp in late October 1990. One seen by Mark Eldridge at Moseley Park Swamp on 5 February 1992 (NSWBA data; M. Eldridge pers. comm.). One seen by an Island resident at Moseley Park Swamp in July 1992 (NSWBA data; T. Hosking pers. comm.). Seen by Peter Ewin in November 1992 (NSW NPWS data). Seen by Chris Lester in February 1998 (Lester 1998). Seen by W.E. Scannell and E.D. Scannell in January 1999 (Birds Australia data). One seen by John Carpenter at Old Settlement Beach from 5 to 15 March 2003 (LHI Museum card). One seen at Moseley Park Swamp on 13 December 2003 (Hutton One bird seen at Old Settlement 6 November 2003 by and Carole Carpenter. pers. obs.). One seen at Moseley Park 11 to 21st December 2011 (LHI Museum record sheet). 

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