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WHITE-NECKED PETREL (Pterodroma cervicalis)
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White necked petrel

Vagrant. Three positive records. The first sighting of this species for the Lord Howe Island Group (as well as any Australian territory) was between the main Island and Balls Pyramid on 1 March 1971 (McKean 1979; KA Hindwood papers, ML). A possible sighting by Mike Carter near Gower Island on 1 March 1986 (M.J. Carter in litt.). Seen by Frank O’Connor on 31 January 1999 (Birding-Aus data). One seen by members of a Birds Queensland tour party near Balls Pyramid in March 2002. This species has colonised Phillip Island off Norfolk Island in the last 15 years, and the birds seen near Lord Howe Island may be prospecting for nesting sites.

Since regular pelagic trips taken off Lord Howe Island by Ian Hutton and Jack Shick since 2005 sightings of this bird are more common, and occasional sightings are made each summer month


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