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COMMON SANDPIPER (Actitis hypoleucos)
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Vagrant. Nine positive records. A specimen in the Australian Museum that was registered in August 1926 was supposedly collected in the Admiralties (AM O.31842) however, it is part of the Robert Grant collection which is infamous for erroneous locality details and it should not be considered a valid record. One seen by L.W. O’Connor and John McKean at Old Settlement Beach in November and December 1959 (McKean & Hindwood 1965). Possibly the same bird was seen by D.M. Walker in February 1960 (McKean & Hindwood 1965). One seen by McKean at Old Settlement Beach on 23 November 1962 (McKean & Hindwood 1965). One seen by Norman Chaffer in January and February 1968 (N. Chaffer diaries, AM). One seen by Terry Lindsey, at Old Gulch, 27 and 29 November 1971 (Rogers 1972). One seen by Ray Swaby, A. Griffin and F. Foster, at Johnsons Beach, 29 November 1973 (Rogers 1974). Seen by Barbara Howie in March 1987 (NSWBA data). Seen by J. Denning and J. Hall in November 1993 (NSWBA data). Two seen by Bruce and Joanne Foster at Hunter Bay on 11 February 2002 (NSWBA data; B. Foster in litt.).

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