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SILVER GULL (Larus novaehollandiae ssp.)
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Vagrant. 13 records. One seen by G.F. Lewers in April 1939 (Hindwood 1940). One seen by A.W. Hamilton in September and October 1940 (Hindwood & Cunningham 1950; K.A. Hindwood papers, ML). One bird collected by Max Nicholls and sent to Keith Hindwood in November 1945 (Hindwood & Cunningham 1950). A bird was present on the main Island for most of 1954, photographs taken by R. Payton (McKean & Hindwood 1965). Seen by Norman Chaffer in February 1967 (N. Chaffer diaries, AM). One seen by Dean Retmock on 8 March 1969 and 1 October 1969 (K.A. Hindwood papers, ML). One seen by Terry Lindsey at the Lagoon on 25 November 1971 (Rogers 1972). One seen by Peter Fullagar at the Lagoon on 18 January 1972 (Rogers 1973). Seen by members of HBOC tour party in February 1978 (NSWBA data). Seen by John Waugh in April 1978 (NSWBA data). One seen by Ben Miller at Little Slope during the period 1978 to 1980 (B. Miller pers. comm.). One seen by Peter Ewin at Neds Beach on 12 November 1992 (Morris & Burton 1994).


Only two of the records have been identified to subspecies (those of 1945 and 1954) and both were of the New Zealand L. n. scopulinus. The nominate subspecies could also occur on Lord Howe Island.

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