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Vagrant. At least six records, possibly more. A large number of swifts, probably this species, were noted by Norman Chaffer in November 1935 (Hindwood 1940). One seen by Max Nicholls at Malabar in late October 1942 (Hindwood & Cunningham 1950). Nicholls had apparently seen this species ‘in large flocks’ some years previously. Several seen by Nicholls in January 1943 (Hindwood & Cunningham 1950). One seen by Terry Lindsey at Malabar on 25 November 1971 (Rogers 1972). Holmes & Hutton (in Hutton 1991) report this species for the period 1975 to 1990; however, we cannot verify this record (also G. Holmes pers. comm.). Seen by Carol and Andrew Iles at Kims Lookout on 24 November 2002 (LHI Museum card). Seen by Ian Hawthorn at Old Settlement Beach on 17 December 2002 (LHI Museum card).

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