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BLACK-FACED CUCKOO-SHRIKE (Coracina novaehollandiae)
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Vagrant. At least 11 records. One collected by W. Nicholls in October 1892 (North 1902; AM O.5481). Noted as a ‘somewhat frequent visitor’ by Hull (1910), but no detail was given of any records. Albert Le Souef (1924) noted that two birds had been seen by P. Dignum and R. Wilson, but no date was given. One seen by Keith Hindwood in early November 1936 (Hindwood 1940). One was seen by Dean Retmock on 8 March 1969 (K.A. Hindwood papers, ML). Another was seen by Retmock several times in 1971 (Rogers 1972). One seen by P. Poulton in April 1977 (Rogers & Lindsey 1978). Two seen by Tony Dymond at the radio station near the Golf Course on 28 September 1991. One seen by Alan Morris in September 1996 (Morris & Burton 1999). Seen by Adam Bester in early October 2001 (Birds Australia data). Presumably the same bird was seen by Lisa O’Neill on a fence above Ned’s Beach Common on 2 November 2001 (L. O’Neill pers. comm.). An immature bird was seen by Carol and Andrew Iles at Leanda Lei in the main settlement area on 23 November 2002 (LHI Museum card). One seen at the Airstrip by Michael Murphy on 13 October 2003 (LHI Museum cards).

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