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AUSTRALASIAN GREBE (Tachybaptus novaehollandiae)
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Vagrant. Seven sets of records. Nine birds seen by Glenn Holmes at Moseley Park Swamp on 9 April 1975 (Rogers 1976; G. Holmes in litt.). At least four and possibly as many as 12 seen by Peter Fullagar and John Disney on 24 May 1975 (Rogers 1976). Seen by John Waugh in November 1975 (NSWBA data). One bird was collected in 1975 (AM O.46794, skeleton specimen). These observations are likely to involve the same individuals.

20 September to 22 October 2002. Lilly Trewatha at old Settlement Beach, Ian Hutton Mosely Park swamp, John Wyatt at Old Setttlement Beach and Johnstons Beach.

25 October to 8 November 2011 1 bird Mosely Park swamp (Hutton, and Birdweek members).

15 to 20 October 2012 Hutton Mosely Park Swamp.



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