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SOUTHERN GIANT PETREL (Macronectes giganteus)
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Vagrant. At least four records. Two of these records cannot be identified to species, as they were reported before the separation of the Northern and Southern Giant-Petrel in the mid 1960s and lack sufficient detail. One found beachcast by Roy Bell on 31 May 1914 and prepared as a study skin, which was subsequently destroyed by fire (Hindwood & Cunningham 1950). However, Bell described the bill as ‘bone grey’, with no mention of any red or orange tip and on this basis the bird can be considered a Southern Giant-Petrel (R. Bell diaries, copies in AM and CSIRO Division of Sustainable Ecosystems, Canberra). One found beachcast (foot only) by J.D. Gibson (hereafter Doug Gibson) in November 1964 (McKean & Hindwood 1965). One was found beachcast and a colour photograph taken in February 1965 (K.A. Hindwood papers, ML: the photograph was not kept). Giant-Petrels were seen by Ben Miller on at least one trip to Balls Pyramid during the period 1978 to 1980 (B. Miller pers. comm.).

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