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BLACKBUTT (Cryptocarya triplinervis)
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Cryptocarya triplinervis

Cryptocarya triplinervis         Blackbutt       Family LAURACEAE


A tall tree to 16m with dark trunk, attractive glossy green foliage, and numerous round, shiny black fruits, it is one of the most common lowland trees, and found as high as 400m altitude. The 3 veins from the base of the leaf are distinctive. This species is common in coastal rainforests of north‑east Australia, growing behind dunes NSW north coast.

Leaves alternate, broad‑lanceolate 7cm x 3cm, slightly glossy; conspicuously 3‑veined from the base. Flowers (Nov‑Feb), small cream 3mm, numerous in terminal clusters. Fruit black, globular, 12mm.




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