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Lord Howe Island is a marine paradise. The spectacular mountain scenery, clear oceanic water, and brilliantly coloured coral reefs make this beautiful marine environment unforgettable. The marine communities at Lord Howe Island (LHI) are globally unique, and contain thousands of tropical, subtropical and temperate species, including some endemic species that are found nowhere else. The global significance of LHI and the marine environment is highlighted by its inclusion on the World Heritage List, and the declaration of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park in 1999. There are diverse marine habitats to explore, and because of the small human population, the marine environment at Lord Howe Island is relatively pristine.


Learn More About The Marine Life Of Lord Howe Island

FORAMS - Phylum Foraminifera Show Details
SPONGES - Phylum Porifera Show Details
CORALS, ANEMONES AND JELLYFISH - Phylum Cnidaria Show Details
FLATWORMS - Phylum Platyhelminthes Show Details
SEGMENTED WORMS - Phylum Annelida Show Details
SEA MOSSES - Phylum Bryozoa Show Details
SNAILS, BIVALVES AND SQUID - Phylum Mollusca Show Details
CRABS, PRAWNS, LOBSTERS AND BARNACLES - Phylum Arthropoda (Subphylum Crustacea) Show Details
ECHINODERMS - Phylum Echinodermata Show Details
SEA SQUIRTS OR ASCIDIANS - Phylum Chordata (Class Ascidiacea) Show Details
SHARKS AND RAYS - Phylum Chordata (Class Chondrichthyes) Show Details
BONY FISHES - Phylum Chordata (Class Osteichthyes) Show Details
TURTLES AND SEA SNAKES - Phylum Chordata (Class Reptilia) Show Details
DOLPHINS AND WHALES - Phylum Chordata (Class Mammalia) Show Details









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