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Lord Howe Island is an ideal place to explore on foot. A network of walking tracks take you to many places of scenic beauty, and walking allows you to observe the plants and birds in detail. Walking on Lord Howe is quite safe, as there are no snakes and no poisonous spiders, except the introduced Redback spider which is confined to the settled area.

All of the Island's trails are clearly marked. Signposts at the beginning show distances and walking times. There are a number of guide books and maps available at island shops. Fresh water is available at North Bay, and in creeks at Boat Harbour, Rocky Creek and Erskine Creek. It is advisable to carry a small water bottle on other walks. Island forests are tall, and so all walking tracks become dark well before sunset. Always be sure to leave plenty of time for your return journey and so avoid the embarrassment of a search party after dark. During winter and spring, rainsqualls are frequent so it is advisable to carry a light waterproof garment.

Mount Gower is not a marked track, and the Island Board of Administration requires that you book a trip with an authorised guide. Bookings for this trip and a number of other guided interpretive walks can be made at the Island Visitor Information desk at the museum.

For marine activities a number of operators take glass bottom boat and snorkel tours in the lagoon. Ned's Beach is the most accessible location for snorkelling, having an amazing variety of corals, fishes and other marine life. The water is calmest at low tide, with coral and fishes just a few metres from the beach. Masks, snorkels and flippers can be hired at Ned's Beach and at several shops on the Island.

There are two SCUBA boats operating from spring to autumn. Several boats offer round island cruises of two hours duration when weather is calm. Special seabird cruises to Ball's Pyramid also operate when weather is suitable. All boat trips carry only small numbers so early bookings are advisable.

Walkers on Mt Eliza

Snorkelling in the Lagoon

Cruising around the island

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