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An audiovisual room for films and lectures. From September to May audiovisual lectures are held 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday on different topics about Lord Howe Island ($6 entry fee). Special lecture evenings can be arranged for visiting groups . During the day free documentary videos are screened several times a week. Visiting scientists may also present lectures on their research.

Library - The Museum library has books and reference papers relating to the history of Lord Howe Island and its flora and fauna. Access is restricted, but can be arranged for research purposes.

Conference facilities – The museum has facilities for small conferences. These include a private meeting room with seating for sixteen. The audiovisual room has a computer data projector with sound and an overhead projector. The Museum café can provide coffees, snacks and lunches as requested. Internet and photocopying facilities are also available.

The museum library

Audio-visual presentations

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