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The Museum shop sells a range of quality books, maps and postcards of Lord Howe Island’s history, flora and fauna. Most of the books have been written and produced by local authors.

To encourage local residents in art and craft, the museum shop sells mainly locally produced items such as photo prints, art prints, locally designed T shirts, local screen printed tea towels, wood turning and weaving. So call in on your visit to the Island.

At present there are some books available for postal order.

Large books
World Heritage guide to Lord Howe Island soft cover                   264 pages                            AUD $65.00
World Heritage Guide to Lord Howe Island hard cover                  264 pages                           AUD $200.00
Australian Geographic book of Lord Howe Island 160pages AUD $36.00
Birds of Lord Howe Island past and present 160 pages AUD $25.00
Lord Howe Rising 190 pages hardcover AUD $50.00
Lord Howe Rising 190 pages softcover AUD $30.00
Flying Boat Days 122 pages AUD $38.50
Postage large books Australia AUD $12.00 overseas AUD $20.00

Small books
Field guide to Birds 56 pages AUD $10.00

Field guide to plants

Field guide to ferns

128 pages

60 pages

AUD $13.00

AUD $10.00

Field guide to marine life 128 pages AUD $13.00
Ramblers guide to walks 72 pages AUD $10.00

Woodhen book

1937 McCommish diary

32 pages

32 page

AUD $12.00

AUD $12.00

Postage small books

postage large books

Australia AUD $6.00

Australia AUD $13.00

overseas AUD $10.00

Send cheque, address and order to:

Tropicbird Museum
PO Box 11
Lord Howe Island
NSW 2898

Or contact us for electronic funds transfer details.


Books for sale

Woodwork for sale

One of the attractive T-shirts we have for sale

Clothing and Headwear for sale

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