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NATIVE HIBISCUS (Hibiscus tiliaceous)
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Hibiscus tiliaceous

Hibiscus tiliaceous


A small spreading tree to 10m high; producing abundant large yellow flowers. A rare tree on Lord Howe Island with scattered occurrence on the lowlands - Old Settlement creek, Transit Hill behind Pine Trees. Maiden referred to the practice of the early Island residents boiling the bark to use as fishing line ‑ an idea possibly brought in by the Gilbert Island people, (now Kiribati) as this tree is widespread on Pacific Islands. From a genus of about 250 species, mainly tropical. The flowers have also been used for the preparation of native medicines on some islands. Leaves alternate, heart‑shaped with a short pointed tip, 12cm x 12cm. A soft leaf with a mid green top and fine white hairs underneath. Flower (Nov‑Apr) large pale yellow, turning red on falling; 8cm, bell shaped. Fruit a 5-celled brown capsule with irritant hairs inside.

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