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TEA TREE (Melaleuca howeana )
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Tea tree

Melaleuca howeana             Tea tree         Family MYRTACEAE

 A low shrub to tall bush, thin flaky bark and small linear leaves. An endemic species common especially on exposed sites e.g. cliffs, seashore and ridges, sometimes in dense patches excluding all other species; often very stunted and prostrate on the rocks next to the coast. A genus of 100 species, mainly Australian, with a few species in south Asia, New Caledonia and Malesia.

Leaves alternate, small, linear 10mm x 2mm; with blunt tips and translucent oil dots. Flowers (Sep‑Dec) pale cream, 5mm long, numerous stamens. About 25 in short spikes 15mm long on the ends of branches. Fruit a short woody capsule 3mm diameter, clustered on the ends of branches.


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