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PIMELIA (Pimelia congesta)
Biodiversity > Plants > shrubs or bushes


Pimelia congesta                         Family THYMELAEACEAE


A small endemic shrub to 1m; the bark is red and very tough. The leaf arrangement in 4 ranks is distinctive, giving the name propeller plant to some species of Pimelia. Widespread, reasonably common, usually on dry exposed ridges e.g. Mt Eliza, the Saddle. From a genus of some 80 species, mainly Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Lesser Sunda Islands, Chatham Islands.

Leaves opposite, forming four distinct ranks. Linear‑lanceolate, 18mm x 3mm; dull

pale green. Flowers (Jul‑Dec) white, 15mm long in dense terminal heads surrounded by bracts, about 9 flowers in each head. Fruit a brown, dry ellipsoid nut with an oily centre, 2 to 3mm long.

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