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GREENHOOD ORCHID (Pterostylis curta )
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Greenhood orchid

Pterostylis curta     Greenhood orchid       Family ORCHIDACEAE


A slender tereestrial herb with an erect stem 10 to 30cm tall, bearing a single green, hooded flower on top. Rare on Lord Howe Island, small colonies on moist upper ledges of the mountains; also found in Australia from SE Queensland, N.S.W., Victoria, Sth Australia, Tasmania and N.Z.; the genus has about 70 species, mainly in Australia but a few in New Zealand, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea.

Leaves, a basal rosette of 2 - 6 broadly elliptical leaves 2-6cm X 1-2cm; usually with 2 small stem bracts. Flower (Jul-Oct), solitary, terminal; green, shaded lighter and darker with reddish suffusions, longitudinally; about 2cm long, the dorsal sepal and the petals forming a hood, the lateral sepals extend to long points, but not extending beyond the hood. Fruit a capsule 15mm long, drying to split longitudinally, releasing the many minute seeds.


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