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BULBOPHYLLUM ORCHID (Bulbophyllum argyropus )
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Bulbophyllum orchid


Bulbophyllum argyropus  Family ORCHIDACEAE

A small epiphyte, usually growing on tree trunks, sometimes on rocks. Short globular pseudobulbs with stringy, creeping rhizomes often forming a dense mat. Widespread but rare, e.g. northern hills, spurs off mountains. This species also occurs in east Australian coast and ranges. The genus of about 1,000 species is found in mainly tropical and subtropical Old World.


Leaves oblong-linear, 20-30mm X 5mm; whitish sheath at the base, solitary on the short 10mm, fleshy ovoid pseudobulb which has longitudinal furrows. Flowers (Aug-Sep) 2 to 4 flowers on a short stalk, each 7mm long, white or cream; labellum linear, petals short; Fruit a ribbed capsule 6mm long.  

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