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CAPE PETREL (Daption capense)
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Cape petrel

Rare regular visitor. At least eight records. One specimen collected by Henry West in May 1922 (Hindwood 1940; AM O.27301). One injured bird was shown to Dean Retmock on 10 September 1970 (K.A. Hindwood papers, ML). One bird found dead by B. Young near Old Settlement Beach on 20 August 1978 (AM O.47059). Seen a few times by Ben Miller near Balls Pyramid during the period 1978 to 1980 (B. Miller pers. comm.). One bird seen by Dion Hobcroft on 9 October 1999 (Morris 2002). One bird seen by Hutton near Balls Pyramid on 3 November 2000. Seen by Adam Bester between Balls Pyramid and the main Island on 22 September 2001 (Birds Australia data). One seen by Peter Bond near Balls Pyramid on 16 September 2003 (P. Bond pers. comm.). Bond conducts fishing tours to Balls Pyramid where between September and November single birds are often seen feeding with Flesh-footed Shearwaters. Observers travelling to the Group from the Australian coast have also reported seeing the species in the western Tasman Sea, but no exact localities have been given (e.g. Hindwood 1940).

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