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SHORT-TAILED SHEARWATER (Puffinus tenuirostris)
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Short tailed shearwater

Vagrant. Four sets of records. Four birds found beachcast by Alan Rogers in December 1968, two on Kings Beach, one on Salmon Beach and one at Old Gulch (A. Rogers in litt.). Remains were sent by Alan Rogers to Keith Hindwood who confirmed the identification (K.A. Hindwood papers, ML). One found beachcast by Peter Fullagar in January 1972 (ANWC 21635). At least 30 seen by Dion Hobcroft off Balls Pyramid on 9 October 1999 and 100+ birds seen the following day (Morris 2002). Seen between Balls Pyramid and the main Island by Adam Bester on 22 September 2001 (Birds Australia data).

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