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COMMON REDPOLL (Carduelis flammea)
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Vagrant. Two sets of records. Two females collected by Roy Bell on 26 August 1913, and a flock of at least 13 was collected the following day, of which twelve were in the American Museum of Natural History in 1940 (Hindwood 1940; AMNH 711211–711222). Five seen by Glen Ingram, Greg Roberts and Glenn Fraser on Blackburn Island on 9 June 1983 (Ingram & Roberts 1983; Fraser 2004). These birds were evidently vagrants from New Zealand where the species was introduced from Europe in 1862 (OSNZ 1990). It has spread to several islands in the New Zealand region including as far afield as Macquarie Island. A single male, presumably also from the New Zealand population, was collected on the island of Aneityum (20º15'S 169º45'E) in Vanuatu in March 1961 (Bregulla 1992).

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