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FAIRY MARTIN (Hirundo ariel)
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Vagrant. Seven records. One seen by Peter Fullagar at the Airstrip, 25 May 1975 (Rogers 1976). Eight to ten birds seen by Ben Miller during the period 1978 to 1980 (B. Miller pers. comm.). These birds took up residence near Salmon Beach for about two weeks before departing. Two seen by Rob Drummond on 28 January 1986 (Cooper 1990). Two seen by Glenn Holmes at Soldiers Creek on 6 March 1988 (G. Holmes in litt.). One seen by Janis and Tim Hosking at the cliffs at Malabar in July 1992 (NSWBA data; J. and T. Hosking pers. comm.). Four birds seen by Hutton, Adam Bester and Margaret Burgman, 28–29 August 2001 (NSWBA data; Birds Australia data). Seen by Trevor Cowie in late October 2002 (Birds Australia data).

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