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BUSH ORCHID (Dendrobium comptonii)
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Dendrobium macropus

Dendrobium macropus ssp. howeanum           Bush orchid        Family ORCHIDACEAE



An epiphyte on tree branches or rocks. Stems erect and rigid, rhizomes creeping. Occurs in large clumps which are colourful when in flower. An endemic subspecies common in the lowland forests and up to about 450m. Especially abundant in the Rocky Creek area. This species is also found in New Caledonia and Fiji, and is close to D. gracicaule on mainland Australia. From a large genus of some 900 species in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Asia and Malesia.

Leaves stiff, lanceolate to about 13cm X 2.5cm, usually three to six at the end of a cane-like stem to 40cm long. Flowers (Sep-Nov) dull yellow, the labellum cream with purple blotches, winged; 14mm long. From 5 to 20 flowers clustered along a stalk to 10cm long. Fruit a capsule 25mm X 14mm, green with purple dots and longitudinal, purple blotched ribs.

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