Passengers from the Burns Philp ship Morinda coming ashore at Ned's Beach in 1935.

Harry Buxton’s photo album

The museum has acquired a 1935 photo album, containing photos by Harry Buxton from Inverell.

In January, visitors to the island, David and Judy Andrews, brought a photo album by Harry, Gertrude and Betty Buxton from Inverell, containing photos from from their visits in 1933 and 1935,

It shows how popular the fishing was here at the time – with some lovely notes on ten various fish to be caught. 

One of the 1933 pages shows a selection of photographs taken by the Island photographer Ernest Giles as a souvenir of a visit by Governor and Lady Game.

The album also shows some great photos of people travelling on the Burns Philp ship Morinda from Sydney, the only way to access the island at the time. 

There is a good group photo of the lawn bowlers at the time; and a nice shot showing one of the early accommodation places at the time – Palm Grove, which was located where Arajilla is today.

Lawn bowlers on Lord Howe Island, 1935.

We have scanned the photo album and it is always great to have visitors bring these photo albums to add to the extensive photograph archive maintained at the museum.

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