Historical Gallery redesign – another update

The redesign and rebuild of the James Dorman Historical Gallery is well under way.

In July and early August we continued with our redesign and rebuild of the History Gallery. 

Exhibit designer Michael Bugelli from “Detached” in Hobart was with us again and picked up where he left off in April. This session involved constructing some small plinths for seating artefacts; then mounting all the items chosen to tell the history stories… paintings, machinery, objects, signs etc. 

Ken Lees was again on the team, and we made good use of his skills in timber, metal and electrical work. For a while the room was chaos, with objects, materials, wires, paint, tools everywhere; but by the time Michael had to go, it had been transformed to a really nice-looking gallery. 

There is one more stage to go – to finalise the storyboards for each theme, have them printed and hung.

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