Large transparent film photographic images, applied to the windows of the Historical Gallery.

Historical gallery refurbishment – September update

Michael Bugelli, exhibition designer from Detached made a quick visit to further progress the refurbishment of the Historical Gallery displays.

Early in September Michael Bugelli, exhibit designer from Detached in Hobart, made a quick visit to further progress the work on the Historical Gallery displays. 

On this trip he brought over and installed nine photographic films on the windows of the Gallery. These were very large (2500mm x 1000mm) and the windows are high up, requiring assembling scaffolding for access to mount the films. 

The films depict various historical themes of island life, from shipping and aviation, to palm tree climbing and fishing. It was a challenge to install these, but with the help of our carpenter Ken Lees, the job was completed, and received glowing comments from visitors.

Canvas storyboards

Other components that Michael and various helpers worked on were the “storyboards” for the various themes running around the display room. 

These are large canvas prints with text, photographs, maps and prints depicting the themes of the display. Wherever possible we have use text from early reports, diaries, residents’ and visitors’ comments, etc. These stories give an interesting first-hand account of the themes and really bring it to life. We managed to complete 4 of the themes, out a total of 16 that will be finished and installed by December, when Michael makes his next visit.

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