Historical Gallery redesign – UPDATE

Twenty years after the Lord Howe Island museum was opened, the historical gallery is having its first professional makeover.

When the Museum first opened in 2000, Ian Kiernan enlisted the help of a consultant museum designer to arrange the historical artefacts under a number of themes. These displays were hurriedly prepared and have served to present the Island’s human history story.

Over time it became apparent that these displays needed to be replaced with a more contemporary look. A grant from the NSW Stronger Country Community Grant scheme in 2020, has allowed the committee to embark on a new look for the James Dorman Historical Gallery.

The past two years have been full of planning, researching, and writing.

The gallery had to be cleared totally of everything for painting of the whole room. The COVID lockdowns slowed progress, however in June 2021 Michael Bugelli, an exhibit designer loaned from the Detached Organisation in Hobart, visited and presented a new look for the gallery.

In March 2022 Michael again visited he Museum, and with our cabinet maker Ken Lees, designed and constructed many plinths and walls to house the new design.

In June Michael will again visit and complete the placement of artefacts, and design of graphics panels for the new themes that were chosen to tell the human story of Lord Howe Island.

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