Lord Howe Island re-opens after 6 months of isolation

Ursula Malone, of the ABC, reports on the general feelings of islanders, as Lord Howe Island re-opens it doors to tourists.

Lord Howe Island has been closed to tourists since March 21 to protect residents from COVID-19.

With COVID infections in NSW flatlining, the island paradise has opened up again, with the first visitors flying in on private plane on Friday.

Ian Hutton, Aaron and Lisa Ralph, Kathy and John Green, Peter Adams and Stephen Sia all get a mention in the article…

The curator of the Lord Howe Island Museum Ian Hutton said the long period of isolation had been good for the island — and for many residents.

“It just feels like the island has had a rest. You can tell looking at the picnic areas, the grass is not trampled.”

Read the complete article, here: Lord Howe Island reopens after six months in COVID-19 isolation.

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