Museum Artefacts on eHive

The KEDJE Foundation has agreed to sponsor the cataloguing of Museum artefacts on eHive.

Since 1978 the Lord Howe Island Museum has acquired many valuable artefacts reflecting the long history of humans on the Island.

There was an early attempt to catalogue these artefacts on a computer-based database. Unfortunately, this system is now obsolete and no longer supported.

The new online eHive system is the most suitable platform for this to be carried out.

Libby Baker, a regular visitor to the island and the museum, has arranged for her family foundation (the KEDJE Foundation) to sponsor island resident Rachael Astill to enter the Museum artefacts on eHive.

Cataloguing the artefacts held at the museum has many benefits including:

  • Collating all of the known information about each artefact; such as the owner, the donor, where and how it was used, where it was manufactured, its significance to the Lord Howe Island Story.
  • Having a permanent up to date record of the artefacts held in the LHI Museum collection.
  • Placing the Museum collection online, so that researchers and interested persons can find out about the items held at the Lord Howe Island Museum.
  • Providing information about the LHI Museum artefact collection for highlighting its significance.
  • Having the collection online available may prompt donors to donate items to the museum collection.

The project will involve:

  • Locating and permanently numbering each item with a unique catalogue number.
  • Identifying and photographing each item with file name to link to its unique number.
  • Recording physical attributes of each item – dimensions, materials, markings, condition etc.
  • Researching history about each item – from existing information held at the museum, and interviewing museum committee members, the Curator, and elderly island residents.
  • Entering this information on the web-based eHive system.

The Museum committee is very grateful for the sponsorship by the KEDJE Foundation.

Museum records already on eHive

There are already about 60 items on the Museum’s eHive website. Take a look and see what is there. As time goes on more will be added.

Some recently acquired items to be entered in the eHive register

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