Museum closed for renovations

While visitor numbers are low, and the café is closed, we are undertaking some renovations.

The museum is now 22 years old! 

It has been very popular with tourists and locals as a venue to meet, learn about the island, enjoy a coffee, lunch or dinner; and particularly is a wet weather venue on those cold, wet winter days. The foot traffic has been enormous and the floor is looking very tired. So, while the visitor numbers are low, and the Coral Café has closed for a winter break, we are taking the opportunity to have the floor sanded and refinished. This is no easy task, removing every piece of furniture and shop fittings, and all of the power cables, and office and communications pieces and cables. 

The biggest job was removing the large Norfolk Island pine desk crafted by George Warner as one piece in 2005. The LHI Board staff came and lifted that into the veranda for us.

It is expected we will open the museum and café around 16th August.

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