Museum reception area renovations are complete

Renovations to the Museum reception area and restoration of the wooden flooring are complete.

The museum committee took the quiet recent winter period as an opportunity to refresh the museum reception area.

Twenty-two years after the Museum was opened, the floor was showing signs of a lot of foot traffic. Neville Prout was contracted to sand the floor and coat with a  new hard-wearing finish.

Brian Leslie, Port Macquarie based painter, was on the island and he offered to repaint all the internal walls of the reception area. This was a big job as every piece of furniture, all wall hangings, phone lines and internet lines and associated computer equipment had to be removed – and replaced.

Ken Lees, Cindy Shick and Leon Brice came to assist with this; staff from the Lord Howe Island Board, along with Michael and Dion Nobbs helped with the moving of the large Norfolk Island pine desk.

Friends of lord Howe Island volunteers gave the galleries a thorough cleaning before opening. The whole job took about two weeks, and the museum is again up and operating as a venue for the local and tourist community.

Come down and visit, have a coffee or lunch. 

Many thanks to everyone who assisted.    

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