Volunteers help remove weeds from the Museum grounds

In May, the Friends of Lord Howe Island helped remove weeds from the Museum grounds, and assisted with several related community projects.

In May the Friends of Lord Howe Island ran a weeding ecotour and carried out a number of community projects where residents might like the help of a group of volunteers. 

One of these projects was for a group to visit the museum for an afternoon to clean the gardens surrounding the Museum. The gardens contain many mature Kentia palms, and these each drop about four dead leaves each year. 

The Friends team set about with shears, ladders and a lot of muscle to strip dead fronds hanging off the trunks, and off the ground. This is a great job and was very much appreciated by the Museum committee. 

Other projects included assisting Jack Shick planting native trees as a revegetation project on his lease, and assisting Gai Wilson remove a Plumbago plant that had overtaken her garden.

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