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1960s souvenir booklet




Shirley Hines-Rich

Mary Hines was born in Toowoomba, Queensland in 1922. She met her husband Eric – an ex-serviceman and Lord Howe Islander – on a tram in Sydney in 1944, married him four weeks later and moved to the Island soon afterwards. Mary’s daughter Shirley was born on the Island in 1947.

Mary and Eric opened the Curio Shop at their home site near the shores of the Lagoon. The recommencement of tourism after World War II prompted Mary to compile this booklet, one of the first booklets available to tourists on Lord Howe Island, describing the landforms, history and attractions.

Shirley now lives in Sydney, and in 2012 had this booklet reprinted in memory of her mother, and to support the Lord Howe Island Museum. 

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