Past Projects

Front verandah





In 2013 the Museum carried out a major extension to the front verandah. This has provided an attractive setting for residents and visitors to enjoy the Museum facility, and also the cafe and internet services. This project cost the Museum considerable funds but it could not have been completed without the extraordinary generosity of many volunteers. 

Ken Lipscombe – Port Macquarie builder donated nine weeks of his time and expertise to construct the verandah to the highest standard.

George Warner – Committee member and engineer donated his time to the design and liasison with the LHI Board for approvals, and assisting Ken Lipscombe in the construction and arranging freight of all materials.

Brian Leslie – Port Macquarie painter donated his time and professional skills to paint the whole extension.

Margaret Murray – local artist who designd and painted the wonderful murals at each end of the verandah.

Matt Nulty – local teacher and qualified electrician installed the wiring and lighting system for the verandah.

Garth Nichols – provided accommodation for Ken and Eilenn Lipscombe while Ken was working on the project.

Other past projects