Past Projects

Portrait of the Museum‘s founder, James Dorman




Beatrice Claflin

In 1978 Jim Dorman founded the first museum on Lord Howe Island, sharing a small cottage with the RSL. Jim became the President and Curator until 2002. During the 1990s he enlisted the help of Ian Kiernan to raise the funds to build the new museum, completed in 2000.

Local artist Anna Thompson has a talent for portrait painting and the museum committee commissioned Anna to complete a portrait of Museum founder Jim Dorman. 

We did find a sponsor for this project, Beatrice Claflin, the daughter of Dean Claflin. Dean was a good friend of Jim and had worked with Bill Lambourne on a number of museum projects in the 1980s, including completion of a wonderful scale model of the SS Morinda, which forms part of the permanent shipping displays in the Historical Gallery. The portraits will hang above the door into the James Dorman Historical gallery.


Other past projects