Past Projects

Introduced Animals





This display was designed to show how introduced animals were part of the way of life for previous generations, the impacts those animals had, the benefits since cats, pigs and goats were removed in the 1980s, and to prompt consideration of what might be done about rodents. The display features artwork, photographs and design by local artist Margaret Murray and Curator Ian Hutton. 

The design, construction and installation of the display was funded by various donations from The Lord Howe Island Board, Peter Dowling, and Janet White & Neil Fordyce, in 2012.

As on most islands around the world, exotic animals were introduced to Lord Howe Island either deliberately as stock or pets, or accidentally as in the case of rats, mice and frogs. Some of these animals have had an impact on the flora and fauna of the Island. However since the 1970s these impacts have been recognised, and there have been major conservation projects involving removal of cats, pigs and goats. 

A challenge ahead for the community and government is to achieve eradication of rodents, which would provide the most significant benefits of any conservation measure on the Island. 

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