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While Lord Howe Island is arguably the most beautiful island in the Pacific, it is also one of the most pristine natural environments, with a wealth of man-made history stretching back one and a half centuries. Our island museum is a treasure chest of natural history, fantastic collections, excellent learning resources, changing displays, inspiring information, great gifts and lots of interactive ways to enjoy learning more about this truly unique place on our planet.

Take a look through this specially developed website as an introduction to our wonderful museum. Visit our resources section for a visual review of fantastic marine life, land plants, birds, geology, climate, historical artifacts, shipwrecks, corals, historical photographs, and more.

And why not browse through our special gifts section for a great book about your special interest or purchase a unique craft collectable.

You can ask a question of our knowledgeable volunteers and museum Curator, make a comment about your visit to the island, or organise a special conference of colleagues or students in our workshop centre by contacting us via our interactive contacts page. Keep discovering more everyday at the Lord Howe Island Museum.

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