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While Lord Howe Island is arguably the most beautiful island in the Pacific, it is also one of the most pristine natural environments, with a wealth of man-made history stretching back one and a half centuries.

Photo of Ian Hutton

Welcome to our museum!

Founded in 1978, the Lord Howe Island Museum has over 50,000 scientific specimens, books, photographs and cultural objects in its collections.

We are open all year round, 7 days a week, from 9am each day. Be sure to pay us a visit when you come to Lord Howe Island. Entry is free, and the Museum is a popular meeting place for islanders and tourists alike.

Even if you cannot visit, you can browse through these pages and learn about our latest exhibitions, animal and plant factsheets, citizen science, and education programs for all.

Ian Hutton – Curator

Donations, bequests and sponsorships

Our Museum does not charge entry fees, and relies on your generosity in order to stay open. Please consider supporting us.

Lord Howe Island phasmid

The phasmids!

These large stick insects, once common all over the island, were eaten into extinction by introduced rats by 1930. However, in 1964 rock climbers photographed a dead phasmid on Balls Pyramid, 23 km southeast of the island. In 2001 scientists visited Balls Pyramid and collected live phasmids, and Melbourne Zoo have a breeding program raising phasmids for eventual release back on the island.

Come to the Museum and learn about their return from the edge of extinction.


Our Historical Gallery is getting a makeover


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